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For a long time we wondered how does inductive coupling works. It not until recently that we had a revelations:
Φ = v / ω 
 v – AC Voltage applied to the Coil 
   [volt = Joules/Coulomb = kg.m²/(Ampere . second³)]
 ω – Angular Frequency [radians/second]
 Φ - Magnetic Flux(Instantaneous) 
   [Weber = Joule . Second / Coulomb = Joule / Ampere = 
   kg.m²/(Ampere . second²)]

This is a very important relationship that shows how magnetic coupling really behaves. Taking it from this result we have the following conclusions:
  1. As the Angular Frequency decreases (ω = 2.π.freq) Flux increases
  2. As AC voltage applied increases then Flux increases
Hence this principle can be used for a wide variety of applications such as:
  • RF-ID Antenna
  • Inductive Charging
  • NFC
Well we will now tell you how we came to this equation finally. Thanks to Mr. Francois Pichon for explaining us in such intricate details of this phenomenon.

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